Performance Assessment Calculation Tool (PACT)

PACT 3.1.2 DownloadPACT is an electronic calculation tool, and repository of fragility and consequence data, that performs the probabilistic calculations and accumulation of losses described in the methodology. It includes a series of utilities used to specify building properties and update or modify fragility and consequence information in the referenced databases. An executable file consequence information in the referenced databases. An executable file (.exe) is provided to facilitate installation of the tool. FEMA P-58, Volume 2, Appendix C presents a User Manual for PACT.

The Performance Assessment Calculation Tool (PACT) provided in Volume 3 is the computational companion to Volume 1. PACT provides a user-friendly platform for scenario-based, intensity-based, and time-based loss calculations. It can accommodate results obtained from nonlinear response history analyses as well as simplified analyses.

PACT provides three basic but integrated functions:

  1. Gathering and organizing building information, fragility functions, and demand parameters;
  2. Performing loss calculations including repair cost, downtime, and casualty estimates; and
  3. Providing overall and performance group specific loss information obtained from the above calculations.

The Performance Assessment Calculation Tool User Manual  provides instructions on the use of PACT. 

The FEMA P-58-2, Seismic Performance Assessment of Buildings, Volume 2 – Implementation Guide, Second Edition, provides detailed guidance on conducting performance assessments using PACT.