Performance Estimation Tool (PET)

PETThe Performance Estimation Tool (PET) is an interactive spreadsheet provided in FEMA P-58, Volume 3, Supporting Electronic Materials and Background Documentation. The tool was developed from an application of the FEMA P-58 methodology to 1,755 archetypical buildings conforming to the seismic design requirements of ASCE/SEI 7-10, Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, for different structure types and different occupancies. The tool was originally developed to view and analyze data from these assessments, and overall results and conclusions from these data are summarized in FEMA P-58, Volume 5.

The Performance Estimation Tool can also be used as a design aid to quickly determine the level of strength and story drift necessary to achieve specific performance objectives for the systems and occupancies represented within the database. Once the required shear strength and design story drift are known, designers can proceed in selecting member sizes that result in a structural system with the necessary strength and stiffness.

The Performance Estimation Tool User Manuals provide for instructions on using the Performance Estimation Tool.
Assessing System-Specific Results
Developing Preliminary and Final Designs