FEMA P-58, Development of Next Generation Performance-Based Seismic Design Procedures for New and Existing Buildings


This site provides the latest information and resources related to the FEMA P-58 series of materials on Seismic Performance Assessment of Buildings. Navigate through this site to:

Icon History History: Learn about the evolution of the FEMA P-58 series over its 15-year development.
Icon Reports Report Volumes: Access the latest edition of each volume of the FEMA P-58 series.
Icon Support Supporting Materials: Discover tools and workbooks to aid in the assessment of building, and read the background documents that guided the development of FEMA P-58.
Icon Download PACT: Download the Performance Assessment Calculation Tool (PACT) provides a user-friendly platform for scenario-based, intensity-based, and time-based loss calculations.
Icon Spreadsheet PET: Utilize the Performance Estimation Tool (PET)—an interactive spreadsheet to aid in the development and assessment of building designs.
Icon Quiz Online Quiz: Could Your Project Benefit from New Earthquake Risk Analysis Techniques?  Take a brief quiz using an online interactive tool that provides insight on whether a building-related project is likely to benefit from the use of performance-based methods.
Icon Flowchart2 Visual Aid: Explore a visual aid to assist in communicating FEMA P-58 performance measures to decision makers and other stakeholders.
Functional Recovery Functional Recovery Methodology: The ATC-138 Project series is enhancing the FEMA P-58 Methodology to estimate time for reoccupancy and functional recovery in buildings.